Cantel Medical device reprocessing systems, sterilants/disinfectants, dialysate concentrates and other supplies are used for renal dialysis. This segment is operated through Mar Cor Purification and MEDIVATORS.

renal dialysis

MEDIVATORS is the world leader in dialyzer reprocessing systems. Since the introduction of the Renatron® Dialyzer Reprocessing System, hundreds of millions of dialyzers have been reprocessed. MEDIVATORS continues to actively work with clinics to improve their reuse averages to reduce the environmental impact of dialysis and to keep dialyzer reprocessing more cost effective than the use of single-use dialyzers. In addition to the Renatron II 100 Series® Dialyzer Reprocessing System MEDIVATORS also manufactures cold sterilants, and hemodialysis concentrate.

dialysis water productS

Mar Cor Purification is the largest supplier of hemodialysis water systems in the United States. Mar Cor offers hemodialysis providers a turnkey solution that is designed to ensure critical water needs are being served in compliance with applicable regulations.

Mar Cor combines pretreatment, filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration to provide you with the most cost-effective system (package). All of Mar Cor's systems exceed the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation's and CSA’s standards. Each system is serviced from one of Mar Cor's 30 service centers located in key cities throughout North America, and offices in strategic locations worldwide. No matter what the source water is, Mar Cor can provide a safe, reliable system that is designed to produce water to ensure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients.