healthcare disposables

Our single-use, infection prevention and control products are used principally in the dental market. Products include face masks, sterilization pouches, towels and bibs, tray covers, saliva ejectors, germicidal wipes, plastic cups and disinfectants. This segment is operated through Crosstex International, Inc.

biological monitoring

To complement Sure-Check® pouches, Crosstex recently acquired the biological monitoring business of ConFirm Monitoring, thus enabling the company to provide a complete Sterility Assurance program by offering either an in-office or mail-in third party monitoring service


crosstex facemasks

Crosstex Mask Family

Crosstex provides one of the broadest and most in-depth selections of FDA approved surgical face masks. The company has revolutionized the product by combining scientific evidence in the manufacturing of face masks. MaskEnomics® is Crosstex’s exclusive filtration guide that makes it easy for face mask wearers to select different levels of filtration based on the procedure being performed. Not all masks are suitable for each situation and/or environment – which is why the company created a guide that educates the healthcare industry about the differences in face masks and enables wearers to select the appropriate mask for the task.

Crosstex recently introduced a new line of face masks, utilizing its patent pending new technology, called Secure Fit®. This innovative face mask is a vast improvement over the traditional flat-paneled, earloop face mask. SecureFit masks can be custom fit for any size or shape face. Developed from extensive research at Stony Brook University Hospital, Secure Fit face masks provide up to 100 fold greater reduction of exposure to infectious particulates by eliminating gapping at the bottom and sides of the mask.