Cantel Medical operates its Water Purification and Filtration business segment through Mar Cor Purification. Mar Cor provides turnkey water purification systems to high purity clients including medical, pharmaceutical and other bacteria controlled applications. Filtration/separation products and disinfectants are provided to the same customer base through a separate worldwide distributor network.

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Mar Cor Purification is the largest supplier of hemodialysis water systems in the United States. Mar Cor offers hemodialysis providers a turnkey solution that is designed to ensure critical water needs are being served in compliance with applicable regulations.

Mar Cor combines pretreatment, filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration to provide you with the most cost-effective system (package). All of Mar Cor's systems exceed the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation's and CSA’s standards. Each system is serviced from one of Mar Cor's 30 service centers located in key cities throughout North America, and offices in strategic locations worldwide. No matter what the source water is, Mar Cor can provide a safe, reliable system that is designed to produce water to ensure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients.


Mar Cor Purification is a leading provider of complete water treatment systems and services for the Life Science market.

For more than 35 years and more than 1,000 installations, Mar Cor has been providing high-purity water solutions to companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical device, food & beverage and dialysis markets.

Mar Cor has accomplished this with their Life Science line of products, while providing proven filtration and disinfection technologies through thier FiberFlo® Filters and Minncare® Cold Sterilant brands. Mar Cor Purification has one of the largest water treatment related technical and field support networks to support their installed systems with 30 locations across the U.S. and Canada.


Mar Cor Purification understands that the cleanliness of systems and environments is critical to efficient operation.

Minncare® Cold Sterilant is the most popular disinfectant used to reduce or prevent biofilm contamination of a water treatment and distribution system. It is proven to be the most effective disinfectant available.

Actril® Surface Disinfectant is a powerful sporicidal solution proven to kill even the hardiest class of organisms, for example Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile. Now available double bagged for clean room environments.

Mar Cor's unique Dry Fog technology uses Minncare to effectively disinfect most areas from a small confined space to a large clean room.


Mar Cor Purification's unique hollow fiber membrane technology is available in FiberFlo brand filtration and separation devices. Manufactured in either cartridge or capsule form, the filter devices provide fluid purity in high flow applications with minimum filter investment.

The unique hollow fiber membrane is made using advanced quality control techniques which produce a remarkably consistent product passing biocompatibility and performance criteria required for registration as a medical device under USFDA regulation 510k.


Revox Sterilization Solutions is a business unit dedicated to providing sterilization services for products such as medical devices, biologicals, tissue material and orthopedic implantable items. The business provides sterilization services as either an onsite system or as a contract solution. The Revox sterilization process uses a room temperature, vaporized, sterilant, which is injected into a pressurized sterilization chamber under controlled conditions. The Revox Sterilization process’s unique operating conditions, enable sterilization of products that other technologies are not able to provide.

Revox Sterilization Solutions was developed by Medivators and is sold and marketed by Mar Cor Purification. Medivators and Mar Cor Purification are subsidiaries of Cantel Medical Corp. and share the same campus in Plymouth, MN.